Modeling our training philosophy after
the California-Spanish horsemen of the
17th and 18th centuries; men whose
stature in society was reflected by their
ability to train exceptional horses, and
whose very lives often depended on the
product of that ability, we have
developed a training program worthy of
the name "Vaquero".
With over 40 years of professional experience behind us, we are positive we will be able to
make your goals a reality.
From developing a strong foundation of confidence and obedience in a young horse just
starting his career.....
.....To putting the finishing touches on your show horse.....
.....To carefully retraining horses that have acquired bad
habits, we are sure we can meet your horses needs.
We are very
proud of our
record of taking
horses that have
been labeled as
"spoiled, ruined,
or not trainable"
and turning them
into productive and
enjoyable horses
We work with many different disciplines, including:
Western Pleasure,   Reining,  Dressage  and  Hunter.
3 year old Quarter
pony, Tila,  during
her first ride
7 Cemetery Rd  East Windsor, CT 06088   *    (860) 623-2687   *
  "I had my horse with a different trainer
before I found Mike. “Pete” was with the
other trainer for several months and had
made little progress. When my daughter tried
to ride him, he literally ran into walls.

 Within a short time Mike had “Pete” going
like a normal horse.  “Pete” showed in
Hunter Under Saddle classes and was always
in the ribbons.  When Western Dressage was
just getting started, Mike had suggested we
give “Pete” a try at this new venue.  “Pete”
did great, usually scoring at the top of his

 I would never take a horse to another
trainer.  Mike is the “Best”!!!! "    ~Peggy C.
     " I brought my horse, Sonata, to Vaquero Training Center after rescuing him from
an auction house and finding that he was very aggressive, had terrible ground
manners, and a severe rearing problem. I called Mike after being turned down by a
couple other trainers because of the severity of my horse’s issues. Mike was helpful
and insightful from the beginning. He diagnosed the root of my horse’s vices quickly
and was able to re-build Sonata’s work ethic with time and patience. Mike’s approach
of acceptance and working through issues instead of fighting against the horse
creates a much happier working horse. Mike’s skill as a riding instructor is just as
impressive. My confidence had taken a huge hit after a bad fall and Mike took the
time to help me through it. Because of Mike’s logical and straightforward teaching
technique I am able to comfortably work with my horse and have even shown him and
taken him on trail rides, something I never thought would be possible. There are too
many positive things to say about the Marquez family and the rest of the VTC family.
"  ~Kristin G.