We offer lesson programs ranging from beginner youth and adult riders to advanced show competition. Vaquero Training Center doesn’t teach Western or English lessons. We teach Comprehensive Horsemanship skills both in the tack and on the ground.  We teach each person how to best utilize their physical and psychological abilities to best communicate to the horse to effectively and safely achieve the desired results.  This, in turn, will develop a solid working and coexisting relationship for the long run. Our emphasis is on teaching the riders to become skilled at placing more importance on the quality of their own performance than on that of their horse.

Our program has been teaching children to ride for over 25 years, some of them starting as young as 8 years old. A great many have gone on to compete with us in the show ring, starting in lead line and growing from there.

While our kids take their riding seriously, they never lose sight of the fact that it’s fun!

Lesson Prices:

All of our lessons are Private Lessons to ensure rider/handler receives full benefit of one on one instruction.

Half Hour Session – $45

45min-1 Hour Session – $75

Lesson Package Pricing (Qty 4):

Four – 1/2 Hour Lessons – Package of 4 – $165

Four – 45min-1 Hour Lessons – Package of 4 – $260

*Package Price* – Hold your lesson time slot from week to week for the duration of your package. Lessons to be used over a period of 6 consecutive weeks from date of payment. If you miss a lesson, it can be made up within the 6 weeks on another day, unless approved ahead of time. Lesson packages must be paid in advance to get the discounted rate. If not paid for in advance, you will be charged the regular lesson rate.


“Mike and Laura have helped me in so many ways! They have completely transformed not only my riding ability but my mindset as well. Now I can safely and comfortably enjoy my gelding and head to the show ring for the first time in my life 🙂 ” ~ Sharon A.



“I have loved horses for as long as I can remember and have ridden them since I was a little girl, I took formal lessons for over 4 years and felt I was a competent rider then I came to Vaquero Training Center and have been here for over 15 years. I have been training with Mike for over 15 years and have to say I would never be the rider I am today without his help. There have been many tears and smiles through out the years but the one constant is Mike’s dedication to make you the best horse person you can be so you can help your horse be the best horse they can be. I have learned not how to sit on a horse and look good but how to take any horse and get the most they have to offer from them without cruel
methods. Riding is a very personal journey and Mike is capable of recognizing what each person is capable of and what technique works with that individual person, he will never give up on you and dedicate any amount of time to make you be your best. He is willing to work with any horse and rider and make them the best they have the potential to be, he is honest about both horse and riders ability and will always put the horses safety first. I have relied on Mike for medical advice for my horses and know my horses are in the best hands I could ever hope for. After 15 years of working with Vaquero I have learned so much but the best part is after every ride I still learn more. I am the horse person I am today because of his dedication to my education.” ~ Karen D.


“Being a good rider is what I want most to do. I am at Vaquero Training Center to accomplish this goal. So, this middle aged professional woman (that would be me) goes out and buys a horse before knowing how to ride. Fortunately, Finn (the horse) and I landed at VTC. Finn’s training was focused on redirecting his “learned” habit of resisting and fighting the rider. Could be why Finn was sold at such a bargain! Mike is the trainer Finn needed. It was miraculous to watch the two of them working together! I think Mike’s biggest hurdle was my schooling. While Finn was in training, I took lessons on school horses. Each horse helped me get ready to get back up on my horse! In learning, adult students bring a different set of challenges than kids (fear of falling off). It takes time to hear and follow instructions without question. Mike’s teaching method works and I am becoming a better rider. Finn and I have competed at Western Dressage shows, enjoyed trail rides and continue our lessons all with a great group of riders at VTC! Laura and Mike provide a great home for Finn and challenge me to be a better rider!” ~ Claire F.