Braided Paracord Reins & Bit Stops


Split Reins

Hand braided, 12 strand reins. 7′ long plus the leather popper. Very strong, yet light and comfortable to use. They don’t get slippery with heat or sweat. Machine washable. Extremely durable. The last 2 sets I braided for my own use I made in 1989. After being used on a daily basis, multiple times a day, one set I replaced in 2009, and the other in 2011. There are no snaps or buckles to wear out prematurely.


Colors (max 2) – $125  Free shipping ** See color chart below

8 strand are also available – $105 Free shipping

Add Martingale Stops for an additional $20


English (Loop) Reins

Hand braided, 8 strand or 12 strand reins. 9′ or 10′ long. Same size and width as standard English reins, without the frailties of leather. Very comfortable in all weather and not slippery with heat or sweat. Same durability as the training reins, and no snaps or buckles to fail.


8 Strand – Colors (max 2) – $85  Free shipping ** See color chart below

12 Strand – Colors (2 max) – $95 Free shipping

Bit Stops

Easy On & Off, in your choice of colors – $15 +s/h **See color chart below


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Color Charts

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